How to Use My Green Doctor

The key is your Green Team: Businesses around the world, including in health care, use the Green Team model.  This is the My Green Doctor approach.  Our website shows you step-by-step how to add FIVE MINUTES of Green Team business to each of your regular clinic, office, or practice planning meeting.  Below is a quick guide to using My Green Doctor:

 My Green Doctor is for everyone in the office:  Managers, nurses, aides, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, clerical staff, lab techs, administrators, cleaning staff, computer experts, and even the doctors.   No scientific or environmental knowledge is needed. Anyone can register and use the website; it is free, confidential, and safe.

Make “going green” your official policy. You will be more successful if your office and company adopt environmental sustainability as one of your core values.  Many businesses, large and small, have taken this step.  It is the right thing to do for yourselves, your patients and your community. Check out our “Why Go Green” tab to learn why. We provide a PowerPoint show to explain My Green Doctor to your colleagues, and a sample environmental sustainability policy to adopt as your own:  see the “Resources” tab.

When to meet?   Most offices add five-minute of Green Team business to each office or clinic staff meeting.   Our “Meeting-by-Meeting Guide” provides a full script for each five-minute meeting.  

Stay on track with our Meeting-by-Meeting Guide:  The guide tells you what to say and do at each Green Team meeting.   The Guide directs you to the easiest Action Steps for your office to adopt.  Of course, you are free to choose from any of the more than 140 Steps in our free Workbooks.

We provide a simple Green Team Notes form for tracking each Green Team meeting:  see the “Resources” tab.

Commit to earning the Green Doctor Office Certificate in as little as three months.  You will be saving money and creating a healthier community.  Your patients and colleagues will be impressed!

My Green Doctor has seven Workbooks that are chock-full of ideas.  There are more than 140 Action Steps and Education Steps to choose from.  PLUS useful information to share with your office staff, your families, and your patients. AND more than a dozen free brochures and posters for your waiting room.

Go to “Quick Start, Now!”  Learn how to start YOUR Green Team in just 15 minutes!