Meeting-by-Meeting Guide

This section is for Green Team leaders.  It guides exactly what to say and do at each of your first three years of Green Team Meetings. You can be ready for Green Doctor Office certification in 3 months weeks. Easy!

Easiest will be to manage your Green Team with this Guide.  You are free also to choose from our Workbooks where you will find more than 140 Action Steps and Education Steps.Take to each meeting the one or two pages of this Guide that are for that meeting.

Before your first Green Team meeting: 

1. Get Support from The Office: It is important that your office leadership has decided to “go green”:   the chief executive, owners, partners, manager, or Board of Directors.

2. Decide When to Meet: Easiest is to dedicate five minutes of a staff meeting each week for the Green Team. It might be “Green Team Tuesday”!  Other offices schedule a dedicated Green Team lunch once a month.  Find a time that suits your office’s busy schedule.

3. Find A Leader:  The Green Team Leader agrees to schedule and to lead each meeting.  Planning a meeting takes just 15 minutes per meeting.

4. Keep “Green Team Notes”: Print out ten copies this form (one for each meeting) that makes it easy to keep track of your meetings actions:

Meeting-by-Meeting Schedule & What Pages of This Guide to Print for Each Meeting:

Meeting 1:  Welcome to Our Green Team

Meeting 2:  Begin“Workbook 1: Energy Efficiency”

Meeting 3:  Continue with “Workbook 1: Energy Efficiency”

Meeting 4:  Begin “Workbook 4: Solid Waste & Recycling”

Meeting 5:  Continue “Workbook 4:  Solid Waste & Recycling”

Meeting 6:  “Patient Education”

Meeting 7: “Workbook 5, Drug Disposal & Chemicals”

Meeting 8:  “Continue Drug Disposal &Chemicals”

Meeting 9:  “Healthy Foods”

Meeting 10:  “Assessment and Looking Forward”

Meeting-By-Meeting Monthly: The Road Ahead is Green

After you complete 10 meetings & receive the Green Doctor Office

certificate, Meeting-By-Meeting Monthly will guide your green Team.