The Green Purchasing Platform is for managers and purchasing agents of medical clinics, offices, practices, or other outpatient facilities, including ambulatory care centers. Here we list companies that offer environmentally preferred products and that have been awarded our “Preferred Choice” logo.

The US healthcare industry uses vast amounts of energy, water, paper, chemicals, plastics, and other resources. The Green Purchasing Platform helps you find products that are safer for the office staff, better for the environment, and priced competitively. Now you can feel good about what you are buying!

My Green Doctor receives no payment or kickback based upon your purchases of  “Preferred Choice” products. We invite your recommendations or feedback: [email protected].

Products or companies are awarded the “Preferred Choice” logo based upon factors including such as worker safety, environmental and climate impacts, health safety of the products themselves (e.g. toxin free), packaging, reusability, recyclability, product disposal, and company commitments to greenhouse gas reduction. “Preferred Choice” products will be superior to their competitors for one or more of these factors. My Green Doctor uses established certifying organizations as the basis for most “Preferred Choice” determinations: