Introducing My Green Doctor to Your Staff

An environmental sustainability program should be easy for managers and their staff, enjoyable, and effective. This page explains in three easy steps how to introduce My Green Doctor to your staff, whether that’s one office with three employees or a system of thirty practices and three hundred on the staff:

Step 1: Register at , or at for the Spanish language website. Everyone in the practice can register. Basic Green membership is free and has all the resources your environmental sustainability program will need in the first year. Partner Society membership is $60 annually and provides more resources. It is free when you register with a discount code from one of My Green Doctor’s Participating Professional Societies

Step 2: Watch the “Three Minute Video” that explains in just three minute how My Green Doctor works. Easy! 

Step 3: Watch the PowerPoint for Managers. This PowerPoint is a fifteen minute presentation designed for a meeting of managers and leaders to help your organization to decide to commit to an environmental sustainability program. Once your leadership team has decided to start an environmental sustainability program, you might use the same PowerPoint to introduce My Geen Doctor to your entire clinic staff.